The stair, Sweden,75 x 65 cm, Price 1700 Euro (Sold)

Realism and poetry - the device of the artist.
Oil paintings, aquarelle, graphics, lithography.
Fauvist - Matisse's school with color as expression.

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?/span> Sommarutställning/Summer Exhibition of oil, water color and print. Coffee Served 13.00-17.00, Aug 17-18, 2013, Tegelugnsvägen 26

?/span> Välkomna! WELCOME!


Recent Exhibitions:

?/span> Multeum: Realism & Poetry—retrospective exhibition June 1-Aug 31,?2012, Multeum, Strängnäs

?/span> April, 7, 2012: Open House: Realism and Poetry II, Sköna Gertruds väg 17, Katrineholm

?/span> April-May-2011: Colorism now and then, Gallery Scandinavia, Gothenburg

?/span> August-2010: Open House at Gallery Realism & Poetry, Stallarholmen

?/span> July-2010: Västra Vingåkers kyrka

?/span> September-2009: Finnspångs Konstförening

?/span> Maj-2009: Nyköpings Konstförening

?/span> Spring-2008: Katrineholms Konsthall

?/span> November-2007: Flens Bibliotek, Flen, 2/11-25/11

?/span> March-2007: Kulturhuset Ängeln, Katrineholm, 4/3-18/3

?/span> February-2007: Therseus Galleri, Stockholm, 28/1-14/2


Permanent Exhibitions:

?/span> Stockholm: Therseus Gallery of Art

?/span> Gothenburg: Gallery Scandinavia



?/span> National Museum of Art, Sweden

?/span> Museum of Modern Art, Sweden

?/span> Cities and regional Collections throughout Sweden

?/span> Swedish Cultural Institute, Paris, France



?/span> More than 75 individual exposition in Paris, Stockholm, Gothenburg

                 Andre Weill

                 Katja Granoff

?/span> Group expositions at Grand Palais, Paris, Köln, Germany and numerous spring and fall exhibitions at Liljevalchs Stockholm and in other Swedish cities.


Artist travel awards:

?/span> France: Grez-sur-Loing (5 times), Paris, Provence

?/span> Italy: Rome (2 times), Capri

?/span> Greece: Kavalla


Memberships in artist's organizations:

?/span> KRO, Konstnärernas Riksorganisation

?/span> BUS, Bildkonst upphovsrätt i Sverige

?/span> FSK, Föreningen Svenska Konstnärinnor

?/span> Göteborgs Konstnärsklubb


Other organizations:

?/span> Kavallainstitutets vänner

?/span> San Michelesällskapet

?/span> Rominstitutets vänner



?/span> Valand School of Fine Arts in Gothenburg



?/span> Agora Gallery, Chelsea - SoHo, New York, NY

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  ?Oil paintings for sale now

Text Box: 
Pink flowers on table in the summer time, Gustavsberg, Sweden, 100 x 85

Text Box: 
The West Coast, Marstrand, Sweden, 100 x 90 cm, 
Price: 2800 Euro
Text Box: 
Le Chemin, Grez sur Loing, France, 110x 90 cm, 
  Price: 4000 Euro


 Reviews from selected newspapers:

“Her blue, powerful painting leads one's thoughts to Van Gogh?/span>, Novueaux Jours,

“The blue color wonders over the canvas in its full spectrum from the clearest life
to somber night and attain its full orchestration?
Thord Bäckström

“A consequent artistry that continues with its full power? SvD, Stockholm

“There is a stream of beauty over the world, Irène is one of those who can capture
Olle Bergkvist


Contact information:
Phone 1: +46-150-18174
Phone 2: +46-152-40794

Visiting address:
Gustafsbergs Gård (Tegelugnsvägen 26)
640 61 Stallarholmen, Sweden



























Visitors since Nov 2005:

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The stair, Sweden,75 x 65 cm,
?Price 1700 Euro

?/span>               Irène K:son Ullberg

"The mission of an artist is to bring forth a sensitivity for the values of life"